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T2000 Productions

T2000 Productions

T2000 International Productions is the parent company of several organizations specializing in specific areas of event production and entertainment.  T2000 has remained the leading entertainment company in South Florida since 1986. In 2012 our companies performed at over 350 national and international events. Our experts are the most experienced entertainers available and because of their dedication our organizations are chosen for more events and performances than any other company in the South East.  Nuevo Onda Magazine declared us the #1 company for production and entertainment. Let us tell you a little bit about us

We thank you for taking the time to view our website. The information found in this site is designed to help you understand the characteristics of our company and to illustrate our track record as being professional and trustworthy. Not all entertainment companies are created equally.  There is a good chance T2000 had a part in an event you have attended without you realizing it.  Contact us and we will direct you to the correct department to find the perfect solution to any of your event or entertainment needs